1861 Census Caundle Stourton Dorset District: 1 Page: 1 (Ref: RG9/1329/4/1)

Folio: 4
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The undermentioned Houses are situate within the boundaries of the
Civil Parish [or Township] of City or
Municipal Borough of
Municipal Ward of Parliamentary Borough of Town of Hamlet or Tything &c., of Ecclesiastical District of
Caundle Stourton            
No. of
Road, Street, &c.
and No. or Name of House
Houses Name and Surname of each
to Head of
Condition AGE
Rank, Profession, or Occupation Where Born Whether
(U) or
Blind, or Deaf
and Dumb
Males Females
1 Caundle St 1   George Williams Head Mar 35   Ag Lab Dorset, Caundle Stourton  
        Jane Williams Wife Mar   25 Leather Glove Maker Dorset, Caundle Stourton  
        William Williams Son   1     Dorset, Caundle Stourton  
2 Caundle St 1   George Durrant Head Mar 29   Ag Lab Dorset, Caundle Stourton  
        Jane Durrant Wife Mar   28 Leather Glove Maker Dorset, Stock  
        Georgina Durrant Daur     5 School Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Kate Durrant Daur     2 School Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
3 Caundle St 1   Henry Collins Head Un 50   Shepherd Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
4 Caundle St 1   James Cook Head Mar 39   Ag Lab Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Ruth Cook Wife Mar   40 Leather Glove Maker Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Phebe Cook Daur Un   10 Leather Glove Maker Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Matilda Cook Daur     7 School Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Sarah Cook Daur     3 School Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Mary Cook Daur     9 mo   Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
5 Caundle St 1   John Lewers Head Mar 54   Plasterer & Tiler Somerset, Henstridge  
        Susannah Lewers Wife Mar   58 Plasterers Wife Devon, Blackotter  
6 Caundle St 1   James Parsons Head Un 50   Stone Mason Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
7   1   William Stacey Head Mar 26   Ag Lab Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Sarah Stacey Wife Mar   29 Glover Leather Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Jane Stacey Dau     1   Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
8 Caundle St 1   John Tilk Head Mar 80   Pauper Somerset, Henstridge  
        Jane Tilk Wife Mar   67 Pauper Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
9 Caundle St 1   Thomas Bulgin Head Mar 51   Ag Lab Somerset, Henstridge  
        Mary Bulgin Wife Mar   50   Somerset, Wincanton  
        Thomas Wm Bulgin Son Un   12 School Somerset, Henstridge  
Total of Houses..  9   Total of Males and of Females..  10 15