1871 Census Stourton Caundle Dorset District: 1 Page: 1 (Ref: RG10/1972/5/1)

Folio: 5
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The undermentioned Houses are situate within the boundaries of the
Civil Parish [or Township] of City or
Municipal Borough of
Municipal Ward of Parliamentary Borough of Town of Village or Hamlet &c., of Local Board, or [Improvement
Commisioners District] of
Ecclesiastical District of
Stourton Caundle              
No. of
and No. or NAME of HOUSE
Houses NAME and Surname of each
to Head of
as to
Rank, Profession, or OCCUPATION WHERE BORN Whether
(U) or
1. Deaf-and-Dumb
2. Blind
3. Imbecile or Idiot
4. Lunatic
Males Females
1 Street 1   Elizabeth Blake Head Unm   55 Laundress Dorset, Lydlinch  
        Hester Blake Mother in Law W   70   Somerset, Glastonbury  
2 cottage lead to Haden House 1   Aquilla Durant Head Mar 55   Ag Lab Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Hannah Durant Wife Mar   53   Dorset, Caundle Bishop  
        Walter Durant Son Unm 20   Ag Lab Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Albert Durant Son Unm 18   Ag Lab Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
3 Hadden Lodge 1   Mark Purchase Serv Mar 35   Groom Hampshire, Binstead  
        Elizabeth Purchase Serv Mar   30 Cook Shropshire, Cledaunton  
        Mary Ashman Serv Unm 34   Housekeeper Gloucestershire, Gloucester  
4 Cockhill Farm 1   Seth Spicer Head Mar 45   Farmer of 107 acres employing 2 Men Dorset, Caundle Bishop  
        Jane Spicer Wife Mar   34 Farmers Wife Dorset, Caundle Bishop  
        Catherine J Spicer Daur     8 Scholar Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Alfred C Spicer Son   5   Scholar Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Henry S Spicer Son   3     Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Stephen G Spicer Son   15 mo     Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Catherine Durant Serv Unm   16 Dairy Maid Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Henry Collins Serv Unm 53   Farm Serv Indoor Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
5 Woodrow Cottage 1   John Gosney Head Mar 63   Ag Lab Dorset, Caundle Purse  
        Jane Gosney Wife Mar   64 Nurse Somerset, Temple Combe  
6 Woodrow Cottage 1   George Burgess Head Mar 41   Ag Lab Dorset, Caundle Purse  
        Ellen Burgess Wife Mar   39 Glove Maker Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Jane Burgess Daur Unm   14 Scholar Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Mary J Burgess Daur     12 Scholar Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Sophia C Burgess Daur     9 Scholar Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Charlotte B Burgess Daur     8 Scholar Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
Total of Houses..  6   Total of Males and of Females..  12 13