1881 Census Stalbridge Dorset District: 7 Page: 12 (Ref: RG11/2085/88/12)

Folio: 88
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The undermentioned Houses are situate within the boundaries of the
Civil Parish [or Township] of City or
Municipal Borough of
Municipal Ward of Parliamentary Borough of Town or Village or
Hamlet of
Urban Sanitary District of Rural Sanitary District of Ecclesiastical Parish or
District of
Stalbridge       Stalbridge   Sturminster Stalbridge
No. of
and No. or NAME of HOUSE
Houses NAME and Surname of each
Head of Family
as to
AGE last
Rank, Profession, or OCCUPATION WHERE BORN If
(U) or
(1) Deaf and Dumb
(2) Blind
(3) Imbecile or Idiot
Males Females
62 Ring Street 1   Joseph Gunning Head Mar 53   Painter & Glazier Somerset, Bruton  
        Maria Gunning Wife Mar   57   Dorset, Sturminster  
63 Ring Street 1   William Woodrow Head Mar 56   Carpenter & Assist. Overseer Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Sarah Woodrow Wife Mar   50   Wiltshire, Downton  
        Annie L Woodrow Daur Unm   17 Assistant Shope Dorset, Stalbridge  
64 Ring Street 1   Edwin Woodrow Head Mar 24   Carpenter Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Alice Woodrow Wife Mar   27   Hampshire, Christchurch  
        George Woodrow Son   2     Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Henry Woodrow Son   1     Dorset, Stalbridge  
65 Ring Street 1   Joseph Vining Head Mar 55   General Lab. Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Ellen Vining Wife Mar   48 Glover Dorset, Stalbridge  
66 Ring Street 1   Sarah Vining Head Wid   90 Widow of an Ag. Labr. Dorset, Stalbridge Invalid
        George Vining Son Unm 61   General Labr. Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Mary Vining Daur Unm   47 General Domestic St Dorset, Stalbridge  
67 Ring Street 1   Linus Oliver Head Mar 42   Baker & Grocer Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Sarah Oliver Wife Mar   45   Dorset, Blandford  
        Leonard Oliver Son   15   Assistant Baker Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Emma Oliver Daur     14 Scholar Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Edwin Oliver Son   7   Scholar Dorset, Stalbridge  
68 Ring Street 1   Frederick Webber Head Mar 30   Agr. Lab. Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Mary Ann Webber Wife Mar   28 Glover Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Fanny E Webber Daur     6 Scholar Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Edward Webber Son   4   Scholar Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Mary J Webber Daur     1   Dorset, Stalbridge  
Total of Houses...  7   Total of Males and of Females...  12 12