1881 Census Stalbridge Dorset District: 8 Page: 2 (Ref: RG11/2085/106/2)

Folio: 106
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The undermentioned Houses are situate within the boundaries of the
Civil Parish [or Township] of City or
Municipal Borough of
Municipal Ward of Parliamentary Borough of Town or Village or
Hamlet of
Urban Sanitary District of Rural Sanitary District of Ecclesiastical Parish or
District of
Stalbridge       Stalbridge Weston   Sturminster Stalbridge
No. of
and No. or NAME of HOUSE
Houses NAME and Surname of each
Head of Family
as to
AGE last
Rank, Profession, or OCCUPATION WHERE BORN If
(U) or
(1) Deaf and Dumb
(2) Blind
(3) Imbecile or Idiot
Males Females
6 Weston 1st Road 2 1   John Mullett Head Mar 66   Agricultural Labourer Somerset, Cheriton  
        Edith Mullett Wife Mar   55 (Formerly Glover) Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Amelia Mullett Daur Unm   21 Glover Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Eliza Mullett Daur Unm   19 Glover Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Charles Mullett Son   16   Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Walter Mullett Son   14   Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Encas Mullett Son   11   Scholar Dorset, Stalbridge  
7 Weston 1st Road 3 1   Ann J Stowell Head Widow   52 Elementary School mistress Durham, South Shields  
  School & house     Mary A Stowell Daur Unm   18 Pupil teacher Leicestershire, Belton  
        Flora Gibbs Servant Unm   18 General Servant Middlesex, London  
8 Weston 1st Road 4   1u                
9 Weston 1st Road 5 1   Joseph Parsons Head Mar 54   Labourer & Beer-house-keeper Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Elizabeth Parsons Wife Mar   49   Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Mary J Parsons Daur Unm   22 Dressmaker Dorset, Stalbridge  
  Weston 1st Road 6   1u                
10 Weston 1st Road 7 1   John Jeans Head Mar 48   Thatcher Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Ann Jeans Wife Mar   48 Dressmaker Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Felix Jeans Son Unm 22   Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Andrew A Jeans Son   16   Thatcher Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Maurice Jeans Son   13   Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Matilda Jeans Daur     11 Scholar Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Theodore Jeans Son   9   Scholar Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Sidney H Jeans Son   8   Scholar Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Lewis P Jeans Son   5   Scholar Dorset, Stalbridge  
Total of Houses...  4 2 Total of Males and of Females...  12 10