1881 Census Caundle Stourton Dorset District: 1B Page: 1 (Ref: RG11/2085/5/1)

Folio: 5
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The undermentioned Houses are situate within the boundaries of the
Civil Parish [or Township] of City or
Municipal Borough of
Municipal Ward of Parliamentary Borough of Town or Village or
Hamlet of
Urban Sanitary District of Rural Sanitary District of Ecclesiastical Parish or
District of
Caundle Stourton       Caundle Stourton   Sturminster Caundle Stourton
No. of
and No. or NAME of HOUSE
Houses NAME and Surname of each
Head of Family
as to
AGE last
Rank, Profession, or OCCUPATION WHERE BORN If
(U) or
(1) Deaf and Dumb
(2) Blind
(3) Imbecile or Idiot
Males Females
1 Manor Farm 1   William Hayter Head Mar 45   Farmer of 409 acres employing 10 men & 3 Boys Dorset, Kington  
        Mary Hayter Wife Mar   33 Farmers Wife Dorset, Holwell  
        John W Hayter Son Unm 15   Farmers Son Somerset, Henstridge  
        William P Hayter Son Unm 3   Farmers Son Dorset, Caundle Stourton  
        Ethel M Hayter Daur Unm   1 Farmers Daur Dorset, Caundle Stourton  
        Charlotte Butt Serv Unm   15 General Serv Dorset, Blandford  
        Kate Ridout Serv Unm   16 Serv Nurse Dorset, Purse Caundle  
2   1   George Burgess Head Mar 50   Farm Laborer Dorset, Purse Caundle  
        Ellen Burgess Wife Mar   49   Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Jane Burgess Daur Unm   24 Glover Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Charlotte Burgess Daur Unm   18 Glover Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Eliza A Burgess Daur Unm   16 Glover Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Emma Burgess Daur Unm   13 Glover Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Lily Burgess Daur Unm   7 Scholar Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
3   1   William Jeans Head Mar 42   Blacksmith Dorset, Stalbridge  
        Emily Jeans Wife Mar   46   Dorset, Shaftesbury  
        William C Jeans Son Unm 13   Scholar Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Amy H Jeans Daur Unm   12 Scholar Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Martha Jeans Daur Unm   9 Scholar Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Emily M Jeans Visitor Unm   4 Scholar Wiltshire, Salisbury  
4   1   Isaac Durrant Head Mar 46   Ag Lab Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        Eliza Durrant Wife Mar   32   Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
        William Durrant Son Unm 10   Scholar Dorset, Stourton Caundle  
Total of Houses...  4   Total of Males and of Females...  8 15